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White, or composite resin fillings have become an increasingly popular option for repairing damage caused by cavities. While the more traditional silver amalgam fillings clash with the natural color of your teeth, white fillings are made out of a composite resin that can match your tooth’s color so that they are virtually unnoticeable to others.

White / composite fillings can be used to fill new cavities or they can replace old amalgam fillings previously used to fill older cavities.

A Substantial Aesthetic Improvement over Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, a very toxic substance for your body. The mercury in amalgam fillings will leak into your body slowly throughout your life. Mercury is known to potentially cause physical and psychological problems.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Birth defects
  • Mental disorders

Composite fillings provide you with more advanced technology. Because the composite resin material used in white fillings can match the color of your teeth, they present a much more aesthetically pleasing option than amalgam fillings. Since they do not contain mercury, they do not pose the health risks to that of amalgam fillings.

The mercury containing silver fillings expand contract with changes in temperature (just like the mercury in a thermometer). This expansion and contraction causes cracks in your teeth and can cause your teeth to fracture. Fractures create the need for crowns and can even lead to loss of teeth. White filling composites (like Porcelain) have similar properties to your natural tooth structure and do not create fractures with changes in temperature. White fillings actually bond to the tooth and help to add strength to the tooth.

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